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Thursday, December 13, 2018

You Are Christmas

Metaphysical Bible Interpretation was one of the first classes I took when I began my path to Unity ministry. I loved it! This class opened my mind to a new way of reading and understanding the Bible. It also opened my heart to a greater appreciation for so many of the stories that I had previously struggled with.

Charles Fillmore, the cofounder of Unity, taught that all people, places, animals and inanimate objects in every Bible story, when approached from a metaphysical perspective, represent aspects of each of us. These stories are not just about events that happened a long time ago; they are about what is happening right now in us.

The Christmas story, also known as the nativity of Jesus, is no exception. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, wise men, angels, and the star all signify aspects of us. Understood metaphysically, they are representations of states of mind and heart that occur as we awaken to our Christ nature, give birth to it, and begin to allow it to grow in our awareness. It is our story.

Even if, and especially if you have previously given up on the story because you question the extant story’s historical accuracy; or because you no longer believe in the hardcore tradition that Jesus is the one and only son of God sent to save us from our sins; or even if you no longer consider conventional Christianity your spiritual path, I invite us to reclaim the story as a glorious depiction of our story - yours and mine.

In what is arguably his most profound legacy, The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary ¹, Charles Fillmore explains the significance of each of the characters and elements of the story. Reading this story and interpreting the metaphysical meaning has given me a renewed love for the narrative and has given me a greater sense of comfort with it.

The angel, Gabriel, who appeared to Mary and Joseph represents the wisdom of the Divine in humankind. The voice of wisdom continually reminds us to not be afraid and to trust the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Moving from fear to faith is essential if we are to allow the Christ to have its life as us.

Mother Mary represents the embodiment of spiritual love. Spiritual love is open, receptive, and willing to give of itself in service to greater good. It may require more of us than we have imagined, just as it did with Mary. Surrendering to spiritual love is necessary as we give birth to the Christ.

Joseph represents strength, wisdom and courage. Spiritual wisdom does not rely upon what has been or what can be known through experience. Spiritual wisdom is born of an inner connection with the Divine and is open to what has yet to be known by the human mind. Giving birth to the Christ often requires us to let go of what we think we know, and to be open to the previously unknown. Further, it asks us to step out and follow our guidance with conviction, courage and strength.

Shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flocks represent the thoughts that guide us “in the paths of righteousness.” They are the thoughts that are in alignment with Divine Mind, our Source. They inspire us to keep our minds stayed on the Christ of our being and to stay alert to any thought that might endanger the newly born Christ awareness. It is important for us to care for the pure, innocent thoughts which the sheep represent in the story.

The star that shone over the stable and pointed the way to the Christ child represents the illumination of our intuitive faculty. The Light within us is constantly guiding us to our highest unfolding. When we follow our inner Light, or intuition, we can trust that we on the path of service to the Christ and to the world.

The wise men traveling from a distant land and bringing gifts to the baby represent the powers of our spiritual self that may be hidden from us until we awaken to our Christ nature. They are then revealed to us and bless us with their gifts.

The baby Jesus represents the pure potential of all humanity to awaken to and express the Christ, the perfect blueprint for all creation, born as each of us. As Christ is born in our consciousness, we begin our journey of embodying Christ in its fullness. This is what Jesus taught us through his words and his life as an example.

When understood from a metaphysical perspective, the Christmas story reveals to us so much about our nature and about the faculties we possess that aid us in recognizing the indwelling Christ, giving birth to it in our consciousness and living it in our daily lives.

As you celebrate Christmas this year, honor the birth of the one we know as Jesus, our teacher and guide. Also honor you, for you, too, are the Christ born to bring light to the world. You possess all the potential of the divine expressing as you. You are Christmas!


  1. I appreciate so much the perspective that our Unity teachings offer on Christmas; Especially the reminder that Christmas is a celebration of the Christ being reborn in me, in each one of us. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. Just beautiful - thank you! See you on 12/30 for the joyous celebration 🎶❤️.