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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012

In large part due to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, I have, during this election cycle, learned more about the political positions of my friends, family and acquaintances than at any time in the past.  Some of them have surprised me with their impassioned posts.  That most of the posts were derogatory, some vitriolic, against one candidate or the other is what I found most surprising; in fact, I was a bit dismayed by them. 

Interestingly, many of my “friends” on Facebook, some of whom are the very same ones who posted these comments, are keenly aware of the concepts of the “law of attraction,” “law of mind action,” and “mental equivalents.”  It amazes me that when it comes to politics even those of us who believe that “what we think about comes about” and that “what we resist persists” still focus on what we do not want, rather than on what we do want.  Most of the conversations, emails, and social media posts I have seen focus, not on what they like and value about the candidate they favor, but on what they dislike most about the opposing candidate. 

We know that we are powerful creators, and that we attract ourselves to people, places and situations according to our thoughts and feelings.  When two or more come together to focus on something, whether it is what is wanted or what is not wanted, the creative energy is magnified.  When millions of people come together to focus on what is not wanted, the possibility of creating what is not wanted increases exponentially.  Our government is us: those who hold elected positions reflect our consciousness.  If we want something different in Washington, we must first become something different wherever we are.

We must ask ourselves whether we want to manifest a governing body in America that reflects the energy of resistance and opposition, or a government that reflects the energy of our heartfelt desire for good.  We only need observe the way our government is now “working” to know which we are currently experiencing.

I would like to encourage us to take a few moments to engage in the following practice: instead of concentrating on the “evils” of the opposing party or candidates, focus on the principles you value, such as freedom, safety, security, prosperity, and self-reliance.  Imagine that you are now experiencing all of those qualities in abundance. How do you feel?  Now, extend that feeling energy out into all areas of our country, and then out to the entire world.  Know that feeling for all humanity.  Next, see our governmental leaders embodying those qualities and holding them as sacred values.  Experience gratitude for those who are willing to lead our country with those values deeply realized.  Thank them for their willingness to lead.  Relax, knowing that the Universe responds to your energetic focus.  Trust that all is well, and that the candidates who embody those ideals are leading America now.

And, so it is.