Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thank you!

I begin this post with a heartfelt Thank You!

I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support that I received from so many in response to my ordination as a Unity minster. I was moved by your expressions of congratulations and encouragement. I was humbled by your words of praise. And, I was delighted by your cards, flowers and gifts.

Most especially, I was honored by those from my loving Unity Spiritual Center Denver community who were able to be present for the ceremony and bless me from your hearts with blessings that were both spoken and unspoken. It truly was an amazing, inspiring and heart-opening experience.

I had an opportunity this week to speak briefly with one of my first ministers, teachers and guides in New Thought, Rev. Dr. Kay Hunter. She is currently under hospice care and not expected to be in this earthly plane much longer. It was a special treat to hear her sweet voice and have her tell me how proud she is of me. It was like the voices of my mother, grandmother and sister, who are no longer on this plane, all combined into one precious loving sound.

She told me that she had just watched a video of one of my Sunday talks, and expressed how much she enjoyed seeing me in action. She said how pleased she is that one of her own is doing such good work in the world.

I don’t know how much good I am doing in the world, but I know that hearing those words from her inspired me to want to do more.

It was such a gift to me to be able to tell Rev. Kay how much I appreciate all that I learned from her and to thank her for all the encouragement she gave me very early on in my consciousness spiritual journey.

I also told her that there have been times when I could “kick her in the fanny” for encouraging me to go into the ministry. She got a good chuckle out of that. But, she assured me that in spite of the struggles, when you are called to ministry you are equipped for the challenge.

She reminded me of quote which originated with Smith Wigglesworth, “God does not call those who are equipped; He equips those whom He calls.” I take great comfort in this knowing  as I frequently have the thought that I am not equipped for the call. However, I trust that I am given what I need when I need it.

Thank You, Rev. Kay for all that you gave to me and to so many whose lives you have touched over these many years in the ministry. You are and will ever be a blessing to this world.

I wish I had the time and space here to extend my gratitude individually to each one who has contributed to my spiritual journey and to my path to becoming an ordained Unity minster. I would not attempt it as the list is lengthy, and I fear that I would inevitably miss someone.

So, I will simply say, Thank You!

When I was speaking with Rev. Kay I said, “I wish I could be there to give you a big hug and kiss.” She said, “Honey, I just received it over the phone. It’s all energy anyway.” Yes, even now she continues to be my teacher.

For all who have loved, supported, encouraged and cajoled me along my journey, please except this virtual hug and kiss. I trust that in the Unified Field of Consciousness in which we all live and move and have being, you receive it now.

My pledge to you is that I will give it all I have and all that God is as me to continue to grow and expand in my spiritual understanding and to serve to the best of my ability as I live my mission.

I love you. Or, better stated, God loves you as me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Are You God Enough?

Are You God Enough?

No, that is not a typo. I did not mean to title this post “Are You Good Enough?” The message and the title became clear to me this week as I was composing a post about my upcoming ordination.

Yes, on Sunday, January 15, 2017, I will be officially ordained a Unity minister. I can hardly believe it myself. It has been a vision and a goal for many years. I knew it would happen someday, I just didn't know until recently that it could or would be now.

I received my approval from the Unity Worldwide Ministries credentialing committee last September. I have had several months to develop and plan for the ordination ceremony, but I gave very little time, attention or thought to it until last week.

Last Monday it hit me: This is happening and it is happening in less than two weeks! This is a big deal in my life. I have not been honoring it. I have been discounting its importance. Why?

I told myself that I have been busy and focused on other things. After all, I am already doing the work of a minister, and I had Sunday, Wednesday, Christmas and New Year’s services to plan and facilitate. I was busy doing God’s work! Who had time to focus on an ordination service? In the depth of self-honesty, I know that I had time, I just chose not to devote time to it. When I realized that, I wondered why.

Last week during a time of quiet contemplation and introspection, I recognized the importance of this event. This is a rite of passage in my life, and one that I do not wish to take lightly. Since then, I have had several opportunities to speak with others about my ordination. I found that I could not talk about it without sobbing.

Even today, as I began writing this post, tears welled up and I cried even more. I was curious about the tears. I wanted to truly connect with the emotion behind them, so I stopped and allowed myself to go with the feelings and surrender to them.

They were not tears of joy. They were not tears of sadness. As I allowed myself to be present, it came to me. They were tears of shame. REALLY, SHAME?! I will not include in this post the other thoughts that went through my mind at that recognition. Suffice it to say that the blog would have to receive at least an ‘R’ rating by the parental rating board should I include those thoughts. After sobbing once again at the recognition that indeed it was shame rearing its ugly head, I was able to acknowledge it.

Yes, the tears were tears of shame. Somehow, on some level, I have continued the belief that I am not worthy of receiving the recognition as an ordained Unity minister. Damn! I thought I had dealt with all of that.

Journaling has been and continues to be a beneficial spiritual practice, so I decided to spend time writing. When I began to write about it, I intended to begin with the question, “Why do I believe I am not good enough?” I was using my iPad and keyboard which I love because of the spellcheck function. The program automatically checks for misspelled words and when it finds them, it automatically chooses words that are a close match. When I looked back at what I had written, it said, “Why do I believe I am not God enough?”  I often feel frustration with spellcheck, but in that moment it proved to be a greater blessing than I could have imagined.

Indeed, who am I or any one of us to believe that we are not God enough? The master teacher Jesus reminded us that “you, too are Gods” (John 10:34)? He also said, “I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you” (John 14:20).

Great teachers of ancient wisdom have all taught us that we are One. We are in Unity with God. We are in Oneness as God. Yet, in our humanness we have not yet accepted that truth.

The traditional Christian church has done a great deal to convince us that we are anything but that. Who we are, so they have told us, is not God enough, not God enough to deserve our good. Unfortunately for many, this belief is reinforced by our families, schools and society.

This belief not only prevents us from receiving our good, it also sets us up to seek our worthiness outside ourselves, often in ways that are damaging to our mental, spiritual and physical well-being. It also drives us to medicate our pain in ways that are often self-destructive.

I know from personal experience about seeking love, appreciation and approval from external sources. I know, too, from personal experience about engaging in self-destructive behaviors in order to mitigate the pain stimulated from the belief that I am not God Enough.

It is staggering to consider the pain that shame can cause us individually as well as the damage it can create in the world as a whole.

I am so grateful that my search for God led me to Unity in 1994. The message I heard from the platform the first day I walked into a service was, "You are as God created you, and God loves you just as you are." That message changed my life. 

I could not have imagined then that my path would lead me to become an ordained Unity minister. I celebrate everything and everyone who has supported me along this journey. And, I celebrate myself for being willing to say 'Yes, here I am; use me."

So, will I allow shame to prevent me from accepting my ordination with a grateful, and open, heart and mind? NO! I refuse to allow shame to keep me from experiencing my good. I am willing to face shame head on, name it, and rise above it, just as David did in the battle with Goliath.

Goliath was the giant with great strength who put fear into the hearts of men, yet little David was able to slay him with a slingshot and a stone. I am David. Yes, like David of the Bible, I am a perfectly imperfect vulnerable human being. I often fall short of my intention to live my highest values, yet my heart is sincere and I am committed to my mission.

My mission is to support humanity’s awakening to
and expressing of the transforming power of Love.

With determination and focused thoughts, words, and actions that support my knowing of who I truly am, I can do battle with shame. And win. It begins with loving myself right where I am, just as I am, and knowing that I am God Enough!

On Sunday when I receive my ordination certificate, stole and blessing, I may express tears, but they will not be tears of shame. They will be tears of joy. They will be tears of celebration for all that has gone in to this moment – by me and so many others. They will be tears of recognition that I am indeed God Enough. I will take that mantle of Unity minister and do my best to help others know that they too are God Enough. As we know and claim the Truth that we are God Enough, we are set free (John 8:32) to be the fullest expression of God that we are intended to be. We are all ministers to each other, to the world and to ourselves. Yes, you are God Enough!

Join us on Sunday at 10:00. Our service will include great music from Lauren Shealy, Sheryl Renee, Marcy Baruch and J Johnson. Rev. Scott Schell will officiate my ordination during the service. If you are in the Denver area, please come and share your positive, loving energy with me on this very special day. If you are not in the area, I welcome your prayers, thoughts and positive vibrations on Sunday from wherever you are.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ever Becoming

Each year as December approaches I feel excitement about decorating for Christmas, both in the sanctuary at Unity Spiritual Center Denver and at my house. The bright red, silver and gold decorations add a celebratory energy to the spaces and enliven my spirit. I especially enjoy getting up in the morning, turning on the Christmas tree lights and having my cup of coffee sitting in their glow. The decorations and lights help me to connect with the magic, mystery and wonder of the season.

And, each year as the New Year approaches I feel dread when I think about taking down the tree, gathering all the decorations and putting them away. We did that this past Sunday after service at USCD. I felt a bit sad looking at the bare platform once the tree, poinsettias and crèche were removed. It was a foreboding of what I knew I would have to tackle at home.

In the past I have just “sucked it up” and tackled un-decorating without much introspection or contemplation. This year, however, I chose to be with my discomfort and question it, rather than just get the job done and move on. It turned out to be an opportunity for me to connect with and be reminded of some valuable lessons.

You may not be aware of this, but I like for things to be neat and orderly. I do not like messiness. J has often joked with me about how I don’t enjoy “process” because it can be messy. I often hesitate to start projects because I know that projects are processes that often require things to be a mess for a while. I recently realized that this is one reason I don’t cook more than I do. I don’t like dealing with the mess. When I do cook, I clean it up as quickly as possible. When I return from traveling, I cannot rest until my suitcase is unpacked and things are put away. I want to “git er done” and have everything neatly arranged and tidy. Order is very important to me, so when things are out of order or things are messy I feel anxious until order is restored.

I knew that I would miss having the lights in the morning, and I was not looking forward to the room seeming empty without the tree and decoration. The key, however, was identifying the Christmas cleanup project as a “process.” When I recognized that, I had more clarity. I knew that I would be creating a mess. Taking down the decorations and putting them away require things to be in disarray. I knew it would take some time to restore order.

In the process of taking down the Christmas tree and putting away the decorations, I connected with the value of what process can teach us. Process requires an intention for change. For anything to transition from one state to another, process is required. Process is rarely clean and orderly. Process often takes time. We can often learn a great deal through the process.

Process begins with a conscious intention for transformation. My intention on Monday was to return my living space to its pre-Christmas state. While I experienced some resistance, I recognized that my desire to have the decorations down and put away was stronger than my resistance. I was ready to move past the holiday season so that I could move into the next season.

To achieve that, I needed to remove the ornaments from the tree; gather the other decorations from around the house; bring the storage bins in from the garage; find a way to place it all securely in the bins; dismantle the Christmas tree; put in back in its box; and return the bins and the Christmas tree box to the storage locations in the garage and the basement.

Just the thought of all the mess and disorder I was about to create made me cringe and resist beginning the process. So, I strengthened my resolve with another cup of coffee and began. Once I started, the process went easily and smoothly. In fact, I was surprised when I finished and realized that it hadn’t take long to complete.

The process of clearing away the Christmas decorations reminded me that life itself is a continual process of change and transformation. We are constantly in the process of transitioning from one season of life to another. We are ever becoming and ever evolving. Sometimes the process is messy. Sometimes things are disorderly. Sometimes we feel anxious in the process.

Yet, when we have a clear intention for our lives, we can strengthen our resolve and allow ourselves to be with the process even though it may not always be pretty.

I am reminded of the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a butterfly. In the transformation process, the caterpillar completely dissolves inside the chrysalis so that the butterfly can form. I imagine that if the caterpillar was conscious of the messiness of the process it might be resistant.

Each of us is a butterfly, a being of unique and wondrous beauty, here to express the glory of the Divine. We are ever becoming and ever evolving into greater embodiments of who we have come here to be. We are meant to fly. We are meant to shine. We are meant to share our innate beauty with the world. When we are focused on that intention, we can trust that we are moving toward the evolution of our greatest unfolding, even in the messiness that change and transition often create.

As we move into 2017 and begin a new year, it is an opportune time for us to renew our intention to be all that God is in us. Unity cofounder, Charles Fillmore said that our mission is “to express all that [we] can imagine God to be.” We must ask ourselves if we are ready to accept that mission, both individually and collectively. Clarity of our mission is the first step toward setting a clear intention to fulfill it.

It means that we will go through a process; it will require transition. It may be messy and disorderly. But, what I know is that we must stay focused on our mission and move through transitions knowing that we are ever becoming all that we are here to be and do all that we are here to do in this community and in the world.

Join us on Sunday, January 8, as we explore together what it means for us to live our mission and embrace the process of ever becoming who we are here to be.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Enduring Change

Each year, many of us participate in a burning bowl ceremony on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day or the first Sunday of the New Year. It is an opportunity to free ourselves from thoughts, resentments, beliefs, and situations that no longer serve our highest good; the things that we allow to keep us in bondage and prevent us from embracing our truth and living our dreams. The ritual involves writing on a piece of paper the things we want to release and ceremoniously placing the paper into the cleansing and transforming flame of the burning bowl to be consumed by the fire, thereby freeing us from them. Following this release, we then write down the things we choose to welcome into our lives. It is a process of visualizing our lives in the coming year.

The white stone ceremony is another ritual that many Unity churches and spiritual centers offer, usually on the first Sunday of the New Year. In the time of Jesus, when one was released from prison or bondage of any kind, they were given a white stone as a symbol of their new-found freedom. The white stone ceremony is a ritual in which we symbolically release ourselves from our own internal “bondage” by means of guided meditation and imagery, and then open our hearts and minds to hear the voice of Spirit speaking a new name, a quality of the Divine Self, a new title, or other meaningful word or phrase that we write on a white stone. The white stone is intended to be a symbol of who or what we are to become in the New Year.

Both ceremonies can be meaningful, yet it is important for us to recognize that they are not magical. The burning bowl and white stone rituals are opportunities for us to use physical objects that assist us in grounding our awareness of powerful spiritual transformation taking place within our consciousness. The ceremonies in and of themselves do not set us free; they only assist us in having an external experience of our inner process.

We engage in these rituals at the close of one year and the beginning of another because we have come to think of a New Year as an opportunity to begin again; a year represents a cycle of life. We give ourselves permission to close the door on the past and open a new door to the future when we turn the page of the calendar from December to January. There is nothing innately magical about transitioning from one calendar year to the next. I have found that when I wake up on January 1, I am still the same person, in the same place, living the same life as when I went to bed on December 31.

No, there is nothing magical about the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another; however, it can be an empowering time if we choose to make it so. We can make meaningful and lasting changes in our lives as we transform the way we perceive ourselves, others and the world.

Affecting enduring change in our lives requires our willingness to question everything we think we know – everything, no exceptions. We can have no “sacred cows” in our beliefs if we truly wish to transform our lives. Yes, questioning everything may seem frightening. After all, what if we discover that who we think we are, we are not; what then? What would we do if after questioning everything we think we know we no longer believe anything that Unity or any other spiritual path has taught us? What if we discover that every belief we have based our lives on is not true? Would we be lost? On the contrary, we would find ourselves, and we would free ourselves. When we question everything we believe to be true, we will discover what is truly true. We will discover the Truth of who we are; the Truth that sets us free from the bondage of our beliefs.

We must be willing to be released from the past, the past conditioning of our minds which convinces us that we are something other than God in expression (please question that as well). We must also be willing to be released from bondage of the future, the belief that at some point in the illusory future we will be free and live the lives that we dream of. The future is sometimes a stronger prison for our minds than is the past.

In order to know the freedom we seek, we must be willing to practice the presence of God in the present moment. We practice the presence of God when we are willing to recognize that we are the presence of God. In order that we may practice the presence of God we must be willing to be present now, not focused on some memory of the past or on some figment of an imagined future. Freedom exists only in the present moment because the Allness of God is present in the moment and our conscious awareness of this truth is the totality of our freedom.

We do not find our freedom by turning the page of the calendar, or by closing the door on what has been and opening the door to what will be. We discover our enduring freedom by opening our minds and hearts to the wonder of the present moment, and all that God is, in it and through it. We embrace the freedom of our Divine Nature by accepting that we are the very presence of God right here, right now.

Rituals help us to affirm our decisions to claim our Truth and set ourselves free. They are beautiful and meaningful outer expressions of our commitment to choose a new way of seeing ourselves, others and the world.

Join us on Sunday, January 1, 2017 as we engage both the burning bowl and white stone ceremonies during our 10:00 service. Let us free ourselves from the bondage of our own minds and open to the voice of Spirit eternally calling us into a new vision of who we truly are.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tis The Season

Tis the season. Yes, this is the holiday season. It is the season of gratitude, joy, love, hope and peace. It is a time each year when many share meals, exchange gifts, decorate homes and businesses, and get ready for Santa’s visit. It is also the time of year when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the one in whose name Christianity was born, grew and continues to thrive today. Tis the season, indeed.

While I honor and enjoy the traditions of the holiday season as much as anyone, I am more keenly aware this year that the season is for something more essential. Tis the season for awakening. Tis the season for the birth of the Christ consciousness in the hearts and minds of humanity. Tis the season for us to release the false notion that only Jesus was the Christ. Tis the season for us, you and me, to realize that each of us is Christ in expression. Tis the season for us to know that we are here, at this time and in this place, to be the fulfillment of the promise of Isaiah’s prophecy, to bring the reign of peace and goodwill upon the earth. Tis the season for us to accept that we are the ones anointed to be the Christ in the world, here and now.

Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of Unity, said –

“The world needs the Christ consciousness. The need implies that the attainment is near at hand. There are men and women who gaze up into the heavens for Christ, as did the early disciples, instead of looking within their own heart and mind. Only believe in the omnipresent Christ and you will behold Him sitting on the right hand of Power within your own being!” ¹ 
“The salvation of the world rests with those who join Him and thereby bring peace and goodwill to all men. When the light of Christ comes to any man, it does not confine its rays to his consciousness alone but those who sit in darkness and negation see and feel its power.” ²

The world needs us to awaken to the Christ that is our truth. When we awaken and live in the light of the Christ, others around us are touched by that light, and are encouraged and supported in awakening to their own light. The light of Christ shining in us, as us, is, “The Light of the World” (Matthew 5:14); “The true light that enlightens everyone” (John 1:9); and the fulfillment of the prophecy, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.” (Isaiah 2:9).

This awakening is the only hope for humanity and for our world. Only when we awaken to ourselves as the Christ are we able and willing to awaken to the understanding that all others are the Christ as well. When we awaken to that truth we know ourselves as one with all humanity, indeed, with all creation. When we truly know our oneness, and only then, will we begin to treat each other as ourselves and live as our teacher and way-shower Jesus taught us when he said that the greatest commandment is to love God, and love our neighbors as ourselves. Knowing our oneness means that we know that all people are our neighbors, not just the ones who look like, think like us, act like us, and share our religious or political beliefs.

If we are to receive salvation in its truest sense, we must welcome and embrace the Christ consciousness as our own. Tis the season. Tis the season for the birth of the Christ in our heart and minds. Tis the season for healing. Tis the season for coming together in care and compassion for each other. Tis the season for love.

Tis the season not just for some of us, but for all of us. As Mr. Fillmore said, our salvation, which we understand as freedom from the belief in separation and the pain and suffering that results from that belief, depends upon our own awakening. Tis the season for the dawning of the light of Christ upon our conscious awareness.

My prayer for each of us this Christmas is that we embrace ourselves and each other as the Light of the Christ and begin to treat each other as that.

Tis the season! This is the time. It is Now! Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. (Isaiah 60:1)

¹ Atom Smashing Power of Mind

² Keep a True Lent

Thursday, December 15, 2016

In Service to Love

And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. – Luke 1:38

Sunday, December 18, is the final Sunday in Advent. This week we explore the attribute of the Divine that we call ‘Love.’ Like the other attributes – Hope/Faith, Peace and Joy – Love is an aspect of our Divine Nature. My friend and Unity minister, Diadra Price, refers to them in her book Grace Awakening Essence as aspects of our spiritual DNA, or Divine Nature Attributes. As such, they exist in the Absolute as who and what we are. They abide at the center of our being eternally. In our humanness, we can connect with and activate them in our conscious awareness through our active states of mind and heart.

As I contemplated ‘Love’ this week, I found it somewhat challenging to transcend my concepts of love as an emotional experience. ‘Love’ is a word we most often use to define a feeling we have in relation to something or someone. Yet, in its essential nature ‘Love’ is not dependent upon an object. ‘Love’ as an aspect of our DNA is self-existent. However, as we open ourselves to connect with it, we can experience and express Love in many varied ways.

‘Love’ as an attribute of our Divine Nature is the movement of God Energy in, through and as us. It is the Energy of the Divine that we can consciously connect with and allow to flow freely through us.

In the Biblical story, Mary, the mother of Jesus, metaphysically represents for us the state of mind and heart that each of us may embrace in order to connect with this Divine Energy of Love.

When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she was going to give birth, she immediately resisted. She said, “How can this be when I am a virgin” (Luke 1:34). A resistant response is typical for of us when we receive inner guidance that goes against what we believe is possible. Mary was willing to release her resistance as she delved deeper into the awareness of the inner guidance, represented by Gabriel in the story. She was open and receptive.

In order to connect with the Divine Love at our core, we must develop an open and receptive mind and heart. We must be open to hear and receive the guidance of our inner Knower. Love comes into our awareness only when we prepare a place for it. While it is not expressly told to us in the story as presented to us in the Gospels, in other Scriptures it is clear that Mary consistently prepared her heart and mind for guidance through prayer.

As she heard the inner voice telling her that she would give birth to God’s son, she was able to go beyond her rational mind and move into acceptance. She said, “Be it done unto to me as you have said. I am the Lord’s handmaiden” (Luke 1:38). Even though she did not fully comprehend what was happening, she was open to doing was she was called to do in service to a higher purpose and in service to Love and to the world, even if it meant going against the societal and religious mores of the day.

As Mary demonstrated, when we connect with Divine Love as an aspect of our being and listen to the inner voice that calls us to service, we may not always like what we hear. It may go against things that we have believed or ways the world tells us to behave. But, if we are committed to being in service to Love and to the unfolding of all that is in alignment with Love, we must as Mary did, say, “I accept. I am here to serve Love in whatever capacity I am called to.” It may not be easy. It may not be comfortable. It may not be rational. We are always at choice. We, like Mary, must make the conscious choice to be in service to love or continue to be in service to our comfort and possible complacency.

Later in the narrative when Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, she speaks what has become known as the Magnificat, which begins “My Soul does magnify the Lord…” (Luke 1:46). In our vernacular, she is saying that her divine self, the part of her that is created in the image/likeness of the Creator/God and which is God in expression, celebrates or makes great the “Lord.” Charles Fillmore, the cofounder of Unity, says in the The Revealing Word that the word ‘Lord’ metaphysically represents, “the activity of the spiritual I Am…”

In the state of Love, we are connecting with our soul, the aspect of us that is eternally in alignment with the Divine as Love expressing as us. In that consciousness of remembered Union, we surrender to the soul and allow it to have its life in and through us. Mary, as a representation of Divine Love consciousness is, in this passage speaking from her connection with the soul. She sings her song of love from that place.

We connect with the Divine attribute of Love when we are open and receptive to it. When we invite Love into our consciousness, Love answers our call. Love, as the movement of God in, through and as us, calls us into service to itself as our invitation to serve the Higher good of all. In the consciousness of Love, our soul sings in celebration of our ‘I Am’ - the true nature of who and what we are.

As we know, Mary did follow the call. She gave birth to Jesus, the embodiment of Divine Love, who taught and healed and brought into this dimension a new awareness of the Christ indwelling as each of us.

This week, as we embrace Mary, the mother of Jesus, as an example of one who embraced Love, let us also connect with that aspect of us that she reflects. Mary is you and she is me when we are open, willing and in service to Love.

Join us on Sunday morning at 10:00 as we explore Divine Love. I will talk more about how we can develop the state of mind and heart that welcomes the awareness of Love and how we can be the embodiment of Love and share it with the world as our way shower, Jesus, did.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Joy to the World!

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. – Luke 2: 10-11

December 11 is the third Sunday in Advent. This week we explore the aspect of the Divine that we call Joy. Joy is a state of being. Like the other three Divine aspects that we reflect upon during Advent - Hope, Peace and Love - Joy is a natural state of the Divine self. Our souls, as expressions of the One, exist as Joy expressing. That we do not always experience the state of Joy is evidence that we have forgotten who we are. Advent is a time for remembering, a time of preparing our hearts and minds for the reawakening of the indwelling Christ.

Joy is one of the attitudes of Christ consciousness that we can embrace and embody as we awaken more fully to our Christ Light. It is also one of the attitudes of mind and heart that we can develop now in order to prepare ourselves to birth the Christ Light in this dimension.

As I say in my book, In This Moment, Joy is…

The wellspring of Life expressing in its fullness. It’s the inexplicable, inimitable Lightness of Being that is experienced as all creation.

Joy is a state of being. It is an experience that is difficult if not impossible to put into words. Like Peace and Love, Joy is an aspect of God which must be experienced in order to know it.

Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you. Not as the world gives do I give you” (John 14:27). And, in his letter to the Philippians, Paul refers to “The Peace of God that transcends all understanding” (Philippians 4:7). The same can be said of Joy. The Joy of God is not given by the world and it is beyond our ability to understand it with our normal way of thinking and knowing. The Joy of the ‘I Am’ as our true nature must be expressed and experienced.

Joy is not the same as happiness. Joy is an experience of the soul that occurs in our realization of our oneness with the soul and with God. It is a state of mind and heart that can only be experienced at depth in the consciousness of Oneness.

Anne Robertson, a Methodist pastor, writer and executive director of the Massachusetts Bible Society, explains that the Greek words ‘Makarios’ and ‘chairo’ provides us with insight into the difference between happiness and Joy. ‘Makarios’ which has been translated into English as ‘happiness’ refers to the freedom from cares often experienced by the rich. On the other hand, ‘chairo’ translated into English as ‘Joy’ refers to the “culmination of being” or “the good mood of the soul.”¹

The Joy that we experience is an expression of our connection in God, yet it is but an inkling of the inimitable Joy of the Spirit.

I hesitate to admit this, but as I contemplated Joy this week, I realized that I don’t often experience it. I felt sad as I recognized that the concept of Joy is nearly foreign to me now. As I sat with my sadness, I was able to recall times in my childhood when I experienced Joy. In fact, there are many times as a child when I felt Joy. I felt Joy running through the hay barn on my Grandmother Howard’s farm. I felt Joy playing softball on the dirt road in front of our house where I spent my childhood and adolescence. I felt Joy when my grandmother Norman would come to stay with us for a few days. I felt Joy every year as Christmas approached. Not only did I get a break from school, but I was excited knowing that Santa would bring me all the things on my list. I felt overwhelming Joy on Christmas morning when I awoke before sunrise with an eager expectancy ready to see all the things Santa had placed under the tree, and there were always  the gifts from my parents and grandparents to open as well. And, my Joy was full as we drove from our home to spend Christmas Day with my favorite cousins. Childhood Joy was a frequent occurrence.

As I recalled those time of Joy, I asked my inner Knowing, “Why do I no longer have those Joy-full times?” The answer came quickly. “It is because you fear.” “What do I fear that keeps me from experiencing Joy?” I asked.  The response came, “You fear that Joy will not last or that it will only lead to harm and hurt. You fear that you do not deserve Joy. And, you fear that you will be judged for allowing yourself to express your Joy. All of these fears arise from your attachment to your limited idea of yourself. When you are attached to the adverse ego identity, fear is your constant companion. And, fear is the opposite of Joy.

So, how do I cultivate Joy in my life? I asked. My inner voice responded,

Go into the fear. As the Tao Te Ching says “if you want to get rid of something you must first allow it to flourish.” ² Allow the fear to enlarge. Do not suppress the fear. Dive into the fear and allow it to have its life. You will soon see that the fear is the illusion of the adverse ego and the true self will be revealed to you as the Light of the Christ shines brightly upon it.

Investigate the fear. Where did the thought that experiencing Joy leads to harm or hurt come from? Why do you believe that you do not deserve Joy? Whose voice is that? What are you telling yourself that would make you think you are undeserving of Joy? Who is going to judge you for expressing your Joy? And, if they do, who cares?

When you allow the fear and investigate the story that has stimulated the fear, the fear will dissipate and return to the nothingness from which it came. Then, Joy will arise naturally from your soul. You will return to Joy!

Cultivating Joy as a state of mind and heart reveals the illusory nature of fear and opens the space within the consciousness for the Christ Light to be born and take its rightful place at the center of your consciousness awareness. The Christ is born in the manger of your heart. The Christ is born again and again and again in every moment that you are willing and able to dive into and move through the fear and allow the truth of your Being to be revealed.

Metaphysically, angels represent the thoughts of God. The message of the angels are the insights we receive through our power of Wisdom and the intuition of our inner Knower. The first utterance of that voice within says “Fear not…” as it knows that you are not in Joy, the perfect state of mind and heart that God is in you. It goes on to say, “I bring you good tiding of great Joy for all people...” The voice speaks the truth of Joy that is the true nature of all people and is available to all as we awaken to it. “For unto you is born this day...” The Christ is born in you every day and every minute of every day as you are willing and open to allow it. “In the city of David…” The awareness of the Christ is born in the place of wisdom in the center of our being through the consciousness of Love. “A savior who is Christ the Lord…” The indwelling Christ, the self-existent one, the ‘I AM,’ is the Light that reveals the illusion of fear and saves us from our misperceptions and delusions that we are not worthy of Joy.

I encourage us all to explore Joy as we prepare our hearts and minds for the birth and rebirth of the Christ within us during this Advent season. Take some time to contemplate Joy and discover for yourself if you are allowing the joy of God to be your experience. If so, I celebrate with you! If not, dive into the fear and allow it to be revealed as the illusion it is. Ask yourself what is stimulating the fear in your mind. As you move through the fear, you will discover the Truth of your Being, the Light of the Christ. In that Light, you will reclaim Joy.

Joy to the world. The Lord (the self-existent I AM) has come!

¹ Anne Robertson, “Joy or Happiness?” St John’s United Methodist Church

² Tao Te Ching, Chapter 36, Translation by Stephen Mitchell