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Thursday, March 14, 2019

What Is Healing?

Over the past two weeks, my body has exhibited congestion, fever, aches, lack of energy and loss of appetite. In the past, I’ve had colds, stomach viruses and various allergies, but none of them has taken me out of commission for as long as this most recent experience.

Through it, I have had ample opportunities to practice spiritual principle, ignore spiritual principle, question spiritual principle, and contemplate what I truly believe about the concept of healing.

The New Thought movement of which Unity is a part was born from the “mind cure movement” of the late nineteenth century. Tracing our history, we encounter people such as Franz Mesmer who at first used magnets as tools for healing. As he was going to a healing session one day, he realized that he had forgotten his magnets, but went to the appointment anyway. Even in the absence of the magnets, his patient experienced a healing. Through this experience, he discovered that the power did not lie in the magnets but in the power of the mind to affect healing in the body.

Others who were instrumental in the development of the New Thought movement include E.B. Weeks who helped facilitate healing for Mary Baker Eddy who later founded the Christian Science church; Eddy’s student, Emma Curtis Hopkins, who became known as the “teacher of teachers;” and her students Charles and Myrtle Fillmore cofounders of Unity, Ernest Holmes founder of Religious Science, Malinda Cramer and Nona Brooks cofounders of Divine Science, and others. Each of these leaders of the early New Thought movement embraced the idea of the power of the mind to affect healing in the body. Unity cofounder Myrtle Fillmore is famous for healing herself of tuberculosis which at the time was considered a fatal disease.

We most often think of “healing” in terms of an observable physical affect as in the example of Myrtle Fillmore. She is said to have experienced a healing because, after a time, her body no longer manifested the symptoms of tuberculosis. Her body was restored to what we have agreed is the desired natural state of wholeness and health.

But if we think of healing solely in terms of a physical manifestation, what happens when one’s physical body does not “heal” of a disease or illness? Do we assume that they have not received their “healing?”

Quite often, for those who subscribe to the belief in the power of the mind to heal, metaphysical guilt results when their body does not conform to their idea of health. One might question whether they are not strong enough in their belief or not doing it “right” and feel guilty. Therein lies the issue.

When we evaluate “healing’ based solely on the external demonstration of our personal ideas of how “healing” is supposed to look, we limit ourselves and each other and we misunderstand and misinterpret the foundation of our teaching.

Over the past two weeks, I have meditated on and contemplate the question, “What is healing?” It helps that my quest has been supported by the ideas of others including Walter Starcke in his book, It’s All God; Paul Selig in his channeled work I Am The Word; and Matt Kahn in his YouTube videos and most recent book, Everything is Here to Help You. Yes, I am currently reading all of these as well as Richard Rohr’s latest release, The Universal Christ, How a Forgotten Reality can Change Everything we See, Hope for and Believe. I highly recommend them all.

My seeking has led me to define “healing’ as –

v      Wholeness Realized
Oneness Recognized
Love Revealed

Healing, at its foundation, has little or nothing to do with any condition but is a conscious decision and an internal process which may or may not result in the outer demonstration that our personality believes would be evidence of “healing.” Having said that, the body may, in fact, demonstrate a return to a state of vitality, easy flow of energy and movement as it did with Myrtle Fillmore. It is important for us to recognize and accept that whatever occurs in the physical as a result of what I am calling “healing” will be in alignment with the highest purpose and desire of one’s soul or higher self.

Wholeness Realized

Each of us is a perfect, whole, complete expression of God, created as the image/likeness of God. We, in Unity, often refer to this as our Christ nature or I AM. In alignment with Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, authors Starcke, Selig, and Rohr concur – the Christ or I AM is our true nature. Healing, which is actually Truth remembered, is necessary because we have been taught and we believe that we are something other. No one is at fault. We are products of our cultures, our religions and the prevailing belief systems of the collective unconscious.

We realize wholeness as we remove our focus from the outer condition. Know that we are not in any way defined by our body, our life situation, financial status, relationships or our limited beliefs. Take into our minds, hearts and spirits our true I-dentity which is – I AM, the Christ. Know it at the depth of being; do not just accept it as a belief. Meditate on it. Contemplate it. Be still and know the Real-I-Is the Christ.

Oneness Recognized

The I Am, the Christ, is the only begotten, the one expression, the only idea in the One Mind for all creation. As his title The Universal Christ implies Richard Rohr asserts that ‘Christ’ is another name for every thing in existence. When we recognize this truth, the perceived separation is erased from our minds and oneness is remembered. Healing is the recognition that each of us is the Christ and so is all of creation.

Love Revealed

In It’s All God, Walter Starcke says,

“A healing represents a change in consciousness that is brought about by Love, not getting rid of symptoms…Healing is the removing of any concept whatsoever that stands between me and God in any and all circumstances.”

While it may result, healing is not solely about a change in any condition. Healing is choosing to know God through any and all conditions.

Further he says,

“To Love is to “know.” To know the true [I-dentity] is to love. Do not seek a solution to a problem – seek Love.”

When we “know” our true I-dentity, we can more fully know the true identity of others and of all the manifest world. When we know that truth, our thoughts, words, and actions reflect the truth we know. Love is revealed in all we say and do.

None of the foregoing is meant in any way to negate the New Thought teaching on the power of the mind to affect physical demonstration, but is instead intended to support it. When we realize our wholeness, recognize our oneness with all creation and reveal Love through all we are, healing happens. In the space of healing, we are open and receptive to guidance from our inner knower that will lead us to take action that supports our soul’s highest good.

In Myrtle Fillmore’s case, she was guided to spend time blessing every aspect of her body, change her diet and spend time in the quiet. All these led to her being relieved of the physical symptoms of tuberculosis. I trust that her soul’s highest good was served. Of course, she went on to cofound the Unity movement through which millions of lives have been transformed.

I urge us not to compare Myrtle’s experience with our own lest we judge ourselves as inferior spiritually. Each of us is on a unique soul journey. Claiming our healing as I have outlined aligns us more fully and completely with our soul’s purpose. We cannot always know from a personality perspective what is in our soul’s highest and best good or what will best serve the whole. Often, it is not what we imagine it to be. But, when we accept our healing, we can trust and know that nothing that happens in our body or around us can in any way affect our Christ nature, our I AM.

As we consider healing, I encourage us to as much as possible remove our focus from the condition however it may appear. Instead, focus on the eternal nature of the Christ within; open to the awareness that we are in no way defined by a body or any life circumstance; listen for the urging of our soul, our unique expression of God; follow the guidance of the still small voice of the spirit within; and accept we are each an aspect of the One evolving Itself in and through all. Release attachment to outcome. Trust that all is ultimately for the highest good.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Healing and Wholeness

My body has continued to experience illness this week, and I have not had the mental capacity to write a new post. I am sharing one that I first posted in 2015. The thoughts expressed capture much of what has been going on for me this week. I am happy to report that I am feeling much better and plan to present the lesson this Sunday. I will share more about my week’s journey then. If you are unable to be in attendance, the recording and video will be posted next week.  

Minister, Heal Thyself

Over the past week my body has been exhibiting symptoms of a cold. I detest having a cold. In addition to the stuffy head, coughing and headache, I have had very little energy for anything. Besides that, my mind has been foggy and my thinking muddled. I have been tempted to play the victim and tell myself that I am helpless to do anything but wait for the virus to run its course. I also find it tempting to make myself feel better with the notion that the Universe is forcing me to get some much-needed rest, an idea I do not give credence to by the way. I do not subscribe to the belief that the Universe (another New Thought name for God) is trying to teach me something. Nor do I believe that I draw illness or anything else into my life so that I can learn a lesson. I do, however, believe that I can choose to learn from every experience. While it is a subtle shift in perspective, I think it is an important one. I am feeling much better and with a clearer mind am able to reflect on what I can choose to learn from this experience.

I have often heard the adage, “Physician, heal thyself.” It is a proverb quoted in Luke 4:23. In our common usage today it infers that one should follow his own prescription and do what he would advise others to do in a situation. In reflecting upon this past week, it occurs to me that I might say to myself, “Minister, heal thyself.” I wonder if I am like the physician who is good at prescribing for others but does not heed his own advice. Considering this past week, as I reflect on what I believe to be true about healing and wholeness, I must honestly admit that I can choose to more closely live the Truth I know in order to demonstrate healing and wholeness in my life.

Through the words of our co-founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, the Unity movement provides powerful teaching on healing and wholeness and how to demonstrate it in our lives. Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters, a collection of letters Mrs. Fillmore wrote in response to prayer requests that were sent to Silent Unity, is a valuable resource for these teachings. I was particularly struck by one of her letters that affirms the power of prayer but seems to dissuade the writer from the belief that it is somehow magical. It affirms that while prayer is a powerful practice, it is not magic, and one must take personal responsibility for his or her own demonstration of wholeness.

In her response to two statements from the writer in which he asks to be “sent some healing vibrations” and “to relieve us through Silent Unity healing,” Mrs. Fillmore reminds us all that the path to healing and wholeness is three-fold, involving all aspects of our being: spirit, mind and body. This three-fold path to healing and wholeness applies to all aspects of our life experiences, including physical health, financial well-being, our relationships with others, and self-expression through our chosen vocation and avocation. If we are to demonstrate the full expression of all the Good that God is as us, we must realize our Truth in spirit, mind and body.

We know that the spiritual Truth is that each of us is an expression of Divine Intelligence, Substance, and Supply, that which we call “God.” As the allegorical story in the book of Genesis tells us, we are created in the image and likeness of God. God gave all of Itself at the moment of creation, and we eternally exist in this state of wholeness and perfection. We only “separate” ourselves from this state of being as we hold the belief that we can be separate. It is a state that can only happen in our minds. Thus, we must keep our minds stayed on the Truth.

The mind, as we understand it, is more than our thoughts - it also includes our feeling nature. Since our thoughts and feelings are so closely interlinked, it is difficult, if not impossible to determine which comes first. There are those who assert that thoughts elicit feelings, and others will argue the reverse. Because they happen almost simultaneously in most cases, it is of little concern which arises first. For the purposes of healing and wholeness, it only matters that we are aware of our thoughts and feelings and that we intervene on those that are not in alignment with our Truth. Often, our feeling nature will alert us when we are out of harmony with our spiritual Truth. Any feeling that does not have its foundation in peace, love or joy can be our signal that our thoughts are off track and are in need of investigation and realignment. We establish a consciousness of healing and wholeness as we keep our thoughts and thus our feelings in alignment with the Truth of our being. It is this consciousness which establishes the foundation for the demonstration of life experiences that embodies the fullness of our Truth as it opens us to receive the divine ideas that we are to bring forth into manifestation and sets the stage for our action.

The body, or the physical, is the final aspect of establishing the demonstration of Truth in any aspect of our lives. From the consciousness of Truth, we open ourselves to the wisdom, understanding and imagination, as well as other faculties of our nature which co-founder, Charles Fillmore, identified as “The Twelve Powers of Man.” We open to the guidance that is available to us in the quiet of our peaceful, loving, joyous minds and we use our powers of strength, will, and power to move forward and take the action that we are called to take in order to bring forth into the physical realm the manifestation of a body, career, relationships, and bank account that mirror the Truth of our nature as God in expression. 

In reflecting upon my week, I think I did a pretty good job at claiming my spiritual Truth through the practice of prayer and meditation. However, I admit that I find it challenging to keep my mind stayed on my spiritual Truth when my body is experiencing anything other than health and vitality. My awareness is easily drawn away from my divine Truth and to the condition instead. I am reminded that it requires commitment to keep the mind focused on the divine idea of wholeness in the midst of the appearance of illness. I affirm, however, that it is an important step in demonstrating wholeness in our bodies and in the body of our affairs. Sometimes, we need help from another who is willing and able to remind us of our Truth when we can’t do it for ourselves. I have often encouraged others to reach out to me and to our prayer chaplains for support. I regret that I did not follow my own prescription. (I am happy to report that this time I did receive prayer support from my prayer partners.)

When we are willing to allow another to hold sacred space for us and invite us into the consciousness of wholeness, we are often amazed and delighted by the insight that comes. In that space of conscious unity and in the clarity of connection we are more open to the guidance of Spirit and are able to hear what ours is to do in the outer to help affect a change in the condition. In my case, that could be going to the doctor, consulting with a nutritionist, knowing which herbal remedies to take, or any number of things I could do to help restore my body to its expression of wholeness.

The most powerful lesson for me through this experience has been the reminder of the value of daily practice. Myrtle Fillmore encourages us to,

“Daily declare that your spiritual life and world, your mental life and world, your physical life and world are unified and that you are expressing harmoniously the ideas of the Christ Mind on these three planes.”

Thus, spirit, mind and body must be three-in-one, as one, in order that we may demonstrate healing and wholeness in all areas of our lives. Minister, heal thyself. Live the Truth you know. Practice what you teach.

Thursday, February 28, 2019


It seems that my physical body is giving me a message. Tuesday, it began demonstrating symptoms of some sort of imbalance. My first reaction was “Damn! I just recovered from a cold not more than six weeks ago. This can’t be happening again.” Thankfully, with the help of my life coach, Deborah Jane Wells, I was willing and able to release most of my resistance and somewhat reluctantly accept that my body is mirroring my consciousness.

My physical body is providing me with a present tangible experience of my mental congestion and inner conflict. It is my choice to pay attention. I am choosing to interpret my physical symptoms as a message for me to slow down, be with what is, let go of the struggle to figure it all out (whatever ‘it” is), be present with the unfolding of things in their time, and love myself in the process.

One way I am loving myself is not “shoulding” on myself to write a full blog post this week. Instead, I am reposting one from a few years ago. I hope you enjoy:


It is vital for all to be aware that a deadly infectious dis-ease is afflicting billions of people around the world.
The most pronounced symptoms of this dis-ease are feelings of fear, anger, resentment, loneliness and depression. Many, not understanding the cause of this dis-ease, attempt to treat it with drugs, alcohol, shopping, food, sex, and/or religion. While these may temporarily lessen the symptoms, once the “treatment” is discontinued the symptoms return and are often more painful than when left untreated.
The dis-ease is spread through contact with others who have been infected, and once contracted it can be insidious or become consuming. It has devastating effects, not just on the life of the individual, but on the life of the planet as well. Over the past few decades it has become pandemic and threatens the very survival of the human species. It has caused those who suffer from it to behave in erratic ways, including warring against others, plundering the resources of the Earth, and decimating other life forms.
It cannot be treated with medication. It cannot be cured with chemotherapy or radiation. It cannot be removed by any surgical procedure. This dis-ease cannot be cured by any method known to medical science because it is not a physical disease; it is a spiritual dis-ease.
This dis-ease begins with the germ of one thought, “I am separate from God.” Left unchecked, this germ will quickly infect the entire body of thought. Once it has established itself there, it begins to multiply until it eventually invades all the areas of one’s life, the physical body and the body of one’s affairs including finances, relationships and career. This one germ, given free reign, can be the cause of pain and suffering for a moment or for a lifetime.
There is hope, however. There is an agent that will counteract the germ and treat the dis-ease. It is readily available to all. It is called “Truth.” Absorbing Truth can provide almost immediate relief from the symptoms of the dis-ease. It has also been shown to have the cumulative effect of eradicating the germ from the body. An excellent Truth that can start one on the road to recovery is, “The Life of God is my life now.” Taking that in several times each day will most assuredly allow Truth to overcome dis-ease and produce healing effects.

The side effects of Truth are a heightened awareness of the present moment, a desire to help others, a sense of Oneness and a positive attitude. 

The only request is that Truth be shared with everyone. It must not be kept for one’s sole use. It is to be used to treat the soul of humanity. It must be shared so that all may find relief from the symptoms of this painful, yet curable dis-ease.

It is possible to live a full life with no dis-ease. Truth is available free of charge at your local Unity. To learn more, please join us at Unity of Denver, 3021 S University Blvd, 80210, visit, or call 303.758.5664 for additional life-saving information.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

I Am the Light of the World

“You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 5: 14 – 16

In this excerpt from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus used a metaphor familiar to his audience as he often did to relay his message. Historical documents, as well as archaeological evidence, reveal that in Jesus’s time, families often lived communally. Several families lived in the same structure, each having a separate partitioned space. Oil lamps provided light at night. A family without the means to purchase oil depended upon the light from others’ lamps. Most often, the light was freely shared. However, if there was dissension between families, one with oil might cover their lamp to prevent others from benefiting from the light.

Although he was most certainly speaking to those who would hear his message literally, admonishing them to share resources, he was also speaking to those who were able to discern his deeper meaning. He was encouraging his disciples and followers to share spiritual truth and understanding with each other and to bring the light of Truth to those who had not yet heard his message.

His message, which is summarized in the opening sentence above is, “You are the light the world.” Jesus was here to teach that each of us is an expression of the One True Light, which he called “Father.” We are here to be that Light in the world through our thoughts, words and actions so that the awareness of the One True Light will be expanded in the consciousness of humanity. In Unity speak, we are the Christ in human form here to consciously awaken to our Christ Light and to bring that consciousness into manifestation on this Earthly plane.

Jesus was instructing his listeners, then and now, to BE the Christ in the world so that others may benefit from our example.

We begin by acknowledging the indwelling Christ, the Light that enlightens all.

Affirm: I Am the Christ expressing, right here, right now. I Am the Light of the world.

We admit the Light.

Affirm: My mind is still and my heart is open as I realize the Christ as my own True Light. I Am the Light of the world

We surrender to the Light.

Affirm: The Mind of Christ is my mind now. I Am the Light of the world.

We embody the Light.

Affirm: I am the embodiment of the Christ. I Am the Light of the world.

We BE the Light.

Affirm: The Christ thinks as me. The Christ speaks as me. The Christ acts as me. The Christ serves as me. I Am the Light of the world.

In my lesson at Unity Spiritual Center Denver on Sunday at 10:00, I will explore further what it means for us to proclaim, “I am the Light of the world.” If you are unable to attend, please listen to or download the podcast or watch the video recording next week.

All of my lessons are available on podcast and most are available on video. If you find these lessons inspiring, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Unity Spiritual Center Denver. Thank you!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

God Is, I Am Love

Every Sunday at Unity Spiritual Center Denver we speak and sing about ‘love.’
Our creed, recited weekly, is –

Our God is Love.
Our Race is Human.
Our Faith is Oneness.

As a lead-in to our prayer, each week we sing –

Surely the presence of Love is in this place…

Our closing prayer, the Prayer for Protection, includes –

The Love of God enfolds us…

We have altered the lyrics to The Peace Song. We sing –

Let there be Love on Earth, and let it begin with me…

Scripture tells us –

“Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is Love…” (1 John 4:8) and
“God is Love, and those who abide in Love abide in God, and God abides in them.” (1 John 4:16).

My friend, spiritual teacher and Unity minister, Rev. Diadra Price, in her book “The Book of Love” says,

“Love is the movement of God that impulses all change.”

Reverend Linda Martella-Whitsett in her book, Divine Audacity says that Love is –

“The power of magnetism, harmony and unity.”

Scripture also tells us –

“God said, ‘Let us make man in our own image, in the likeness of ourselves…” (Genesis 1: 26 Jerusalem Bible)

The first of Unity’s Five Basic Principles states –

There is one power and one presence active in the universe – God, the Absolute Good.

Since “God is Love,” it follows that Love is the omnipresent energy in and through all.
Since we understand God to be the Creative Principle and that all things came into being through God, if follows that God/Love, being the only force in the universe, expressed itself as wave-particles of energy with unlimited potential and possibility which, through the process of evolution, formed the material universe. All creation is the manifestation of the initial impulse of Love, and the power of Love continues to expand and evolve creation.

Not only does Love continue to expand, evolve, and manifest creation, Love also continues to expand and evolve consciousness. And, as we continue to evolve, we are beginning to more fully understand that self-awareness, the ability to be self-conscious has developed not only in humans, but in non-humans animals as well, as evidenced by many scientific studies on various species. We are One in Love, and Love, the power that harmonizes, magnetizes and unifies, continually draws us into remembrance of Itself as Itself expressed in all creation.

When we open to the awareness of Love as the only presence and power in the universe, which is constantly magnetizing us into a state of remembrance, and allow the energy of Love to be our only focus, Love will remind us of who we are. In conscious remembrance, the vibrational frequency of our consciousness (thoughts and feelings) is harmonized to Love and every aspect of our life experience is healed.

In the conscious awareness of our unity in Love, we become conscious expressions of Love in fullness. We embrace and embody the harmonizing, unifying, magnetizing power of Love in which image/likeness we are created, and we allow the vibration of Love to inspire and infuse our every thought, word and action. As we express Love in all that we are and all that we do, we bring Love to bear in our physical bodies and the body of our affairs, including our relationships, finances and work. As the master Jesus said,

The eye is the light of the body. If your eye is single, your whole body will be filled with Light. (Matthew 6:22)

When we know that there is only God/Love and we keep our hearts and minds stated on that Truth, all that we are, all that we know, all that we express is God/Love.

Let us begin by attuning our minds to the energy of Love by repeating this affirmation.

God is Love. Love is God. I am created as the image/likeness of God. I am Love.

Continue to speak this affirmation aloud so that it becomes integrated in your consciousness. As you do so, the vibrational frequency of your consciousness (thoughts and feelings) will come into alignment with the energy of Love, and you will begin to feel it resonating in your spirit and in your body. In this way, you begin to embody Love and open to its full expression in your thoughts, words and actions.

Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore stated –

“We must vibrate the love center in thought, word and act. Then there will come to us on the wings of invisibility that which will satisfy every need.”

Join me on Sunday at 10:00 for our service at Unity Spiritual Center Denver as I explore these concepts further. If you are unable to join us, audio recordings of my lesson are available here and video recordings of many of them are available here.

If you find these lessons informative and inspiring, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Unity Spiritual Center Denver. Your contributions assist us in continuing to advance the consciousness of Love and do the work of Love in our community. Thank you!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Greatest Commandment

In Matthew 22, when asked, “What is the greatest commandment”? Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might and with all your mind…and the second is like unto it, Love your neighbor as yourself.” When we know, as Unity principle teaches, that God is not external to our being, this commandment takes on a meaning different from what we might have once believed.

In The Revealing Word, a metaphysical dictionary by Unity’s co-founder Charles Fillmore and others, ‘Lord’ is defined as “The activity of the spiritual I AM as the ruling consciousness. The Lord God of the Scriptures is Christ, the Spiritual Man; our divine consciousness; the creative power within us.” To love “the Lord” is to devote time, talent, and resources to embracing and embodying Christ consciousness, and doing whatever it takes to live from the awareness that the I AM is the only Truth.

It is being committed to the practice of worshiping, as The Revealing Word defines it, “bestowing one’s love on, or identifying with,” the Christ or I Am in every thought, word and action. When Jesus instructs us to “Love the Lord your God,” he is telling us that the most important intention in life is to Love - to spend time connecting with, listening for and following - the indwelling Truth of our being, the ‘I AM,’ with everything that we are. And, like unto that is to Love – practice connection, curiosity, compassion, care and celebration - for everyone, including ourselves with that same passion. Listen to my lesson from last week to learn more about these practices.

The commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself” is open to interpretation. The most common understandings are that Jesus was instructing us to love each other in the same way that we love ourselves, or to love others as though they are us. Either requires us to look closely at how we are loving ourselves.

The Love that Jesus referenced is what we often refer to as “unconditional love.”  To love unconditionally means simply to love absent any condition. Merriam-Webster defines ‘condition’ as “a restricting or modifying factor.” The truth is that most of us love ourselves conditionally.  We allow our evaluations or judgments about some aspect of our appearance, our financial situation, our relationships, or our jobs, just to name a few, to justify withholding unconditional love from ourselves. Each of us has our own personally-defined factors that we allow to restrict or modify our expression of self-love.

These personally-defined conditions not only restrict our complete, total and unconditional loving embrace of ourselves, but of every person in our lives. As we judge ourselves, so we project those judgments upon everyone else.

The good news is that we can affect a “holy shift” (see my post from last week) in how we perceive ourselves, thus how we perceive others. If we are to live what Jesus taught as the greatest commandment, it is imperative that we begin with the loving embrace of ourselves, to see ourselves through the eyes of Love, and to treat ourselves with loving kindness. And, without condition, extend that awareness to all others through our every thought, word and action.

Let us affirm together:  From the consciousness awareness of the Christ, I AM, I embrace myself and others in unconditional love.

If you are in the Denver area, join us on Sunday at 10:00 at Unity Spiritual Center Denver as we explore in greater depth what it means to love ourselves and how we demonstrate self-love. If you are unable to join us, the audio and video recordings will be posted next week. Audio recordings of my lessons are available here. Videos of many of them are available here.

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Holy Shift!

In his 1936 speech at Unity Village, New Thought minister, author and teacher Emmet Fox said,

“I think is it well that we remind ourselves what it is that we really believe and have. The answer is that we really have the key to life…and that key is the knowledge that life is consciousness.”

Further, it is well to remind ourselves that one of Unity’s five basic principles is that we experience life according to our prevailing way of thinking and feeling, which is, in essence, the content of our individual consciousness.

Additionally, it is well to be reminded that our thoughts and feelings are energy and that they vibrate at a particular frequency which attract us to that which is in vibrational resonance. This is the essence of what we in Unity call the Law of Mind Action, and which is also commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like.

Inventor, engineer and futurist, Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

It follows that if we want to know the secret of living the lives we desire and of co-creating the world in which we desire to live, we need only look to the energy, vibration and frequency of our predominant way of thinking and feeling, which constitutes our individual consciousness. Our individual consciousness determines the perspective through which we view what happens in our lives, thus it affects how we experience life. Our consciousness is also the impetus for the words we speak and actions we take which contribute to creating the life we live.

When Fox said “life is consciousness,” he was stating a truth. What he might have said is that the way in which we experience the events of life and the life we create through our words and actions are determined by the vibrational frequency of our thoughts and feelings.

The good news is that we have the power to choose our thoughts, regulate our feelings, speak intentionally, and act decisively. We possess the power of freewill choice. The power of our freewill lies in our ability to make conscious choices about the energy to which we align.

The bottom line is - If we want to experience something different in our lives, we must change the vibrational frequency of our thoughts and feelings. We need to experience what I am choosing to call a “Holy Shift.”

I am calling it “holy” in part because of the play on words. Also, because the shift is aided by our choice to align our thinking and feeling with what we believe to be the indwelling power of the Divine Life living as each of us. We align through the power of our focused attention.

I spoke about this in my lesson this past week at Unity Spiritual Center Denver. You may listen to it here or watch it by clicking the link below. I use the acronym S.H.I.F.T. to outline five steps to create a “Holy Shift.”

S – Self-Awareness

Unity cofounder, Charles Fillmore, reportedly once said that self-awareness is the prelude to Christ consciousness. Assessing the current vibrational frequency of our thoughts and feelings is essential. When we are resonating with joy, appreciation and peace there is no need to realign. However, when we find that we are resonating with fear, worry, and apathy, we might make the choice to shift. Until we become aware, we cannot know if a shift is desired.

H – Honesty

It is important for us to be honest with ourselves concerning what we are thinking and feeling. As author Louise Hay said, “If you want to clean your house, you have to be willing to see the dirt.” If we want to affect a shift, we must first be willing to acknowledge what we want to change.

I – Intention

Author, Lewis Carroll said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Setting a clear intention creates focus. An intention sets in motion the action needed to get us where we choose to go. Further, the universe supports us, through vibrational attraction, in getting where we choose to be.

F – Fun

It is important to approach a “holy shift” with the attitude and energy of fun. The frequency of fun opens us up to attracting enjoyable ways to achieve the shift. It also attracts to us creative ideas, exciting adventures, and entertaining collaborators along the journey.

T – Trust

The master Jesus said, “It is done unto you as you believe.” Trust and Faith are closely aligned. The energy of trust brings us into a place of calm assurance that what we hope for is happening and what we desire is unfolding, even though we may not yet see the evidence of it. Trust allows us to relax and surrender to the power of the universe. It is vitally important that we believe in the power of the “holy shift” to change our consciousness and transform our lives.

We can choose to make a “holy shift” in the energy of our thoughts and feelings (consciousness) concerning any manner of life circumstances, including health, relationships, money, or work, just to name a few. We begin right where we are, welcoming self-awareness, being honest with ourselves, setting a clear intention, having fun, and trusting that, as Emmet Fox said, “We have the key to life.”

I encourage each of us to think about the shifts we desire in our lives and to practice the steps outlined above. It is important for us to know that “shift happens,” and we have the power to activate and affect the shifts in our lives. I hold each of us in the vision of transformed lives through the power of our Holy Shifts.