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Thursday, December 27, 2018


Every year around this time, many of us begin thinking about making New Year’s resolutions. We may resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, stop gossiping, find a new job, or save more money, just to name a few. Most often though, by the time spring comes around; we have forgotten what our resolutions were. I made one final New Year’s resolution several years ago: I will not make any New Year’s resolutions! That is the first one I have ever stuck to.

This year, however, I am rethinking the idea. I stand with Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore in saying, “I reserve the right to change my mind.” No, I am not thinking of going back to making the same old resolutions. Any behavioral choice or external change I make would simply be a strategy to satisfy a much deeper inner longing. I am thinking of making resolutions at a deeper level of desire.

In musical terminology, “resolution” is defined as “the progression of a voice part or of the harmony from dissonance to consonance.”  For those who aren’t musicians, that can be interpreted as a progression from a sound that is out of tune and unpleasant to your ear to one that is pleasingly in tune. My resolution this year is to bring those areas of my life that are dissonant – those things that I find displeasing and out of tune with my Divine Nature – into harmony with my Truth.

Where I am telling myself I am restricted or trapped, I will resolve into freedom. Where I am telling myself that I don’t have enough, I will resolve into the truth of my abundance and prosperity. Where I am experiencing fear, I will resolve into love. Where I am living in stress, I will resolve into the peace of God.

My resolution for 2019 is to truly know myself as an expression of God and to experience all that living from that consciousness means. I hope you will join me. Perhaps we can gently and lovingly assist each other in making and keeping this most life-enriching New Year’s resolution.

This year will afford many opportunities for all of us to grow into this Self-awareness through classes, workshops, Sunday services, and sacred service. We do not have to be alone in making or keeping resolutions that move us closer to our Truth, our Divine Nature. 

If I can assist you in any way with your resolution of moving into your God nature, please let me know. I hold you in the light of your highest Self in this coming year and always. 

Happy New Year!

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