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Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Lesson Lived

I have often heard the adage, “Be careful what you wish for, because you will surely get it.” I prefer rewording it as, “Be conscious of what you wish for…” From my perspective, the former has the energy of fear, while the latter speaks of setting clear intentions.

I have a new take on this saying for anyone who facilitates others’ learning and supports spiritual growth and understanding. It goes, “Be conscious of what you choose to teach, because you will surely live the lessons.”

I share this because, while it is not a new revelation, it has become abundantly clear yet again as I have chosen to offer lessons on the body.

I spoke this past Sunday (listen here) about the mind/body connection. I stressed how important it is for us to understand how the energy field of the body responds to the energy of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

I had the opportunity to live that lesson on Monday morning. As I was bent over loading some things into the van, I felt a sudden twinge in my back. It was not an unfamiliar twinge. I have experienced it before. In fact, as recently as a month ago, I had a similar experience. Prior to that, the most recent episode was 3 years ago. The muscles in my lower back tensed up. It was challenging to stand up straight and painful to walk and uncomfortable to sit.

Since I had just spoken about it the day before and it was fresh in my consciousness, fairly quickly, after the initial shock, I questioned, “What was I thinking and feeling just prior to this incident, and how might it be similar to what had been going on with me just a month prior?”

Something I learned many years ago from You Can Heal Your Life author Louise Hay came to mind. She says in her book that lower back issues stem from the belief that we are not being supported. AHA! It did not take me long to recognize that, for some time now, I have been aware that I need to take more time for myself, do more that feeds my spirit and soul and act in ways that embody more of who I know myself to be. In short, I need to support my True Self more!

With this awareness, I began to affirm –

I am divinely supported by the Universe at all times and in all ways.

I am empowered to ask for and receive the support I need from others.

I am now making choices that support me in living my highest potential.

I would love to report that my body responded immediately and that the discomfort and tension went away instantly. I would love to report that, but that is not what happened. As I said on Sunday, we start where we are.

Self-awareness is just the beginning, but it is a great start. Only when we invite and welcome the awareness of our limiting consciousness can we begin to affect a shift. The shift may happen instantaneously, but for most of us, it is gradual. Releasing the energy of the life-denying beliefs and affirming the truth are methods we can use to begin the process. As I shared on Sunday, Unity cofounder Myrtle Fillmore committed herself to the process, and over a period of years her body responded to the shift in her consciousness.

Additionally, I said on Sunday that it is imperative not to criticize ourselves or blame ourselves if our bodies are demonstrating symptoms of illness or other imbalance. The energy of those negative thoughts about our bodies or ourselves will only serve to further weaken the body and exacerbate the issue. 

I would love to report that I did not engage in any negative self-talk on Monday. I would love to report that, but that is not what happened. My knee-jerk reaction was to blame myself for not taking better care and to criticize myself for not being more conscious in the moment. I am happy to report that those thoughts were short lived. I was able to move through them quickly and on to self-inquiry as I shared above.

While shifting our consciousness is essential in affecting the demonstration of physical harmony and well-being, for most of us it is just the beginning. From this expanded and renewed consciousness, we can make life choices that support us in our process.

In my case, I called upon my chiropractor and energy facilitator, Dr. Peter Stucz, to assist me in restoring the natural flow of energy through my body. I am also choosing to support the strengthening of my body by altering my exercise routines. In some situations, we may be inspired to make different choices about what we are ingesting, our living environments or the people with whom we interact. Each of these can and does impact our energy, thus our bodies.

I encourage us to pay attention and listen to our bodies. They hold a great deal of valuable information that can lead us to a shift in consciousness and a more vibrantly alive physical form.

The mind – beliefs, thoughts and feelings – is the most powerful energy field in which the body exists and with which the body interacts. Yet, it is not the only one. This coming Sunday I will talk more about how our bodies interact with other energy fields, such as our environment, food, water, and other beings. Please join us for that exploration.

Following service this Sunday, several practitioners of healing modalities and those offering products and services that support physical health and well-being will be on-hand to share with us about what they offer. Please plan to stay and visit.

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