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Thursday, May 10, 2018

You Are Jesus!

Early in my Unity journey, I participated in my first S.E.E. (Spiritual Education and Enrichment) week. These are five-day intensives offering four two-hour classes each day. This was my first exposure to Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore’s books. It was a challenging experience. I found it difficult to read and comprehend his teaching. Not only was I not accustomed to his style or his terminology, I was also confounded by some of the concepts he presents. Mind you, I was not at all new to New Thought. Prior to studying Mr. Fillmore, I spent years in Science of Mind reading Ernest Holmes, Thomas Troward, Emma Curtis Hopkins and other trailblazers of the movement. Still, Mr. Fillmore spoke what seemed like a foreign language. Further, his concepts appeared much too esoteric for practical application. I struggled to do the reading assignments and make it through those first classes. I dare say that others have had similar experiences with his books.

As I continued my studies over the next few years, I grew more accustomed to his style and began to understand more of what he expressed. Also, I believe that continual study, application and spiritual practice helped me to evolve my own consciousness to a point where I could more fully resonate with the level of consciousness from which Mr. Fillmore was teaching. While I still do not always fully grasp his teaching at first read, I now thoroughly enjoy and appreciate much of his teaching.

Both Charles and Myrtle Fillmore are often referred to as mystics, ones who through dedicated time “in the Silence”¹ obtained a consciousness of Oneness in the Divine. A consciousness which the name ‘Unity’ embodies. Much of their writing, lectures and other teaching were delivered from that level of conscious unity. It, therefore, requires us to read and comprehend from a higher level of conscious awareness.

If you, like me, have struggled with reading Mr. Fillmore, I suggest that prior to reading the very first word that you take time to meditate, go into the “Silence” and connect deeply with your own Spirit. Open to your innate powers of wisdom and understanding, engage the heart center, the space of Divine Love, and enter communion with the indwelling Divine. As you read, allow the energy of the words to reveal their deeper meaning.

Recently, I was searching for a Fillmore quote related to my series of lessons on “Conscious Co-creating” when I “stumbled” upon the following. I place the word ‘stumbled’ in quotes because I trust that there are no accidents and that I read this passage because it is what I need to hear, learn and practice. In Keep a True Lent, in the chapter entitled “Faith-Thinking,” when speaking about Peter as the disciple who represents the Power of Faith, Mr. Fillmore says,

“Get clearly into your understanding that you are not the faith-thinker, Peter. You are Jesus; Peter is one of your twelve powers. Before this dawns on you, you are a carpenter; you are a builder in the realm of matter. Peter is a fisherman, one who draws his ideas from the changeable, unstable sea of sense. When you realize that you are Mind, and that all things originally generated in the laboratory of Mind, you leave your carpenter’s bench and go forth proclaiming this Truth that has been revealed to you.”

When I first read it, I was doing a quick search and didn’t think much about it. But, the words continued to resound in my mind. So, I did as I suggested above. I stopped, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and turned my attention within. I focused my awareness in my heart. I engaged my powers of wisdom and understanding, and opened to a greater revelation of the Truth, especially as it relates to “Conscious Co-creating,” since that was my initial reason for doing the search. The following is the interpretation I discerned.

Metaphorically and metaphysically, Jesus of the Scriptures represents the directive power of the indwelling I AM presence, also known as the ‘Christ,’ inherent in each of us. Jesus, through his attainment of unity consciousness, as proclaim in his declaration “The Father and I are one” fully embodied his Christ potential and lived it. We all have the potential to do the same. As Unity minister, author and teacher, Eric Butterworth said, Jesus was the great example, not the great exception.

It is only through our acceptance and realization of the power of the I AM, the directive power of mind, which Jesus represents, that we become “Lord” of each of our innate powers. Our power and ability to manifest our hearts’ desires lies in our willingness to claim that we are “Lord” or ruler of our powers and direct them in productive ways. This is depicted metaphorically in Scripture as Jesus called each of his twelve disciples, each representing one of our twelve powers, to him, teaching them and directing them to follow in his way. He was their “Lord.”

In following the example of our way-shower, Jesus, if we are to manifest a world that reflects our highest potential and embodies our hearts’ desires, we must embrace our spiritual authority, as he did, and begin to exercise it. Until then, we will continue to engage in unconscious, rather than “Conscious Co-creating.”

Jesus told us, taught us, led by example and implored any one that would “listen” to live in unity, know Oneness and step in to their divinity.

Join us at Unity Spiritual Center Denver on Sunday, May 13, as we explore this idea further. My lesson is entitled “You are Jesus.”

¹ “Sitting in the silence” is not merely a sort of lazy drifting. It is a passive, but definite, waiting upon God. – H. Emilie Cady, Lessons in Truth


  1. Wow David you truly are inspiring! Terri

    1. Thanks, Terri. I hope you are doing well. I miss seeing you.