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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Being Advent

Advent, which begins on Sunday, December 2, is a season observed in many Christians as a time to celebrate the coming of the Christ into the world through Jesus. Further, it is a time of expectant anticipation of the second coming of the Christ. In Unity, we believe that the second coming of the Christ occurs through us. Even though we have not yet fully realized it, we are already the Christ. Every moment is an opportunity for us to align ourselves with the truth of our being and allow the Christ to be born through us into the world. We are the potential for the second coming of the Christ upon the Earth.

The first definition for ‘advent’ in is “a coming into place, view, or being; arrival.” I encourage us to allow this season of Advent to be the time when we cease waiting with eager anticipation for the coming of the Christ, and choose to realize that the True Light that enlightens everyone has come. It has come into the world and is each of us. Now is the time and this is the moment for us to embrace and live into our true divine nature.

Knowing this as our potential is a beginning; a powerful beginning. For many who were taught that Jesus was the one and only son of God, it is a monumental leap to accept that we, too, are sons and daughter of God endowed with the same potential as Jesus. The recognition of that can, of itself, bring a new sense of freedom. The search for a savior outside of self ends with the recognition that the only savior needed lies within. Unfortunately, many never move beyond this initial recognition.

The true promise of the freedom is not accomplished simply through an intellectual recognition of truth. The true promise of salvation afforded by the indwelling Christ is attained in the realization of the truth. Realization, according to Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore in The Revealing Word, is more than an intellectual understanding of truth. He says,

[Realization is] the deep inner conviction and assurance of the fulfillment of an ideal. It means at-one-ment, completion, perfection, wholeness, repose, resting in God. It is the dawning of Truth in the consciousness. When realization takes place, one abides in the light of God-Mind.

Realization occurs in our hearts – the center most point of our awareness. It is more than a thought or an idea. It is knowing, and knowing that you know. It is the experience of knowing beyond a doubt. It is coming into a visceral experience of being the Christ in its fullness.

Again, once we have the euphoric experience of realization, we are often tempted to be satisfied with knowing who we are in truth. This is a vital next step. This is second phase of the coming of the Christ into the world, but it is not the advent. If we use the definition of ‘advent’ it is a “coming into being, an arrival.”

Advent is more than knowing about the indwelling Christ. It is more than realizing the indwelling Christ. Advent is about BEING the Christ in the world. It is embodying the Christ in our everyday lives. It is about revealing the Christ through our thoughts, words and actions.

Jesus was the embodiment of the Christ because he accepted his “at-one-ment” with what he called “the Father” and what we might refer to as Source, Spirit, Love, or God. He experienced his unity in God. And, he lived a life of one who knew his unity with all humanity and all creation. Jesus was the great example, not the great exception. He never said “worship me.” He said “follow me.” We follow him when we commit ourselves to being the embodiment of the second coming of the Christ in the world.

During the Advent and Christmas seasons, we celebrate the coming of the Christ through Jesus of Nazareth. Through his recognition, realization and revelation of the Christ, he taught that we too are here to be the Light of the World, and he showed us the way. We also celebrate the coming of the Christ as each of us. Let us allow this season of Advent to be the fulfillment of the promise of the second coming of the Christ upon the Earth.

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  1. Thanks David. Lovely explanation for me to send to a couple of people who have asked.