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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Be The Christ

Last month, in observance of Unity World Day of Prayer we organized and hosted an interfaith service at Unity Spiritual Center Denver. Representatives from Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Bahá’í participated. I invited each of them to share from their tradition’s perspective on this year’s theme, “Courage to Heal.” I experienced each of them as inspiring and informative. However, one presenter, at the beginning of her presentation said something that has stuck with me since. I have reflected on it again and again.

Sensei Kaitlyn Mascher-Mace from the Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple, in speaking about healing, said that as a Buddhist if one were to go to a teacher and say, “I want to heal,” the teacher would reply, “Your first mistake is ‘I.’ Your second mistake is ‘want.’ All you are left with is ‘heal,’ so go and do that.”

Her words struck me at the core. From a Buddhist perspective attachment to desire is the cause of all suffering. Further, it is only the ‘I’ or what we might call the “adverse ego” ¹ that can be attached to any outer desire. When we can release attachment to an ‘I’ that we believe is separate from the One and let go of our longing for some future outcome, we can begin to realize that we already are all that we can imagine.

I have said many times, and I honestly believe that our greatest desire is to realize our Divine Nature, which in Unity we call the ‘Christ,’ and to live from our full potential to be the Christ in the world. In a nutshell, that is the message of Unity’s approach to Christianity. The master teacher, Jesus, was here to teach the truth – we are the Christ made manifest – and to be a living example of one who embodied that potential.

For some time now, I have been reciting the following Gaelic prayer.

Oh Christ, Thou Son of God.
My own Eternal Self.
Live Thou Thy Life in me.
Do Thou Thy Will in me.
Be Thou made flesh in me.
I have no will but Thine.
I have no self but Thee.
Oh, Christ, Thou Son of God.

Since hearing Sensei Mascher-Mace at the interfaith service, I have come to recognize that what I have been saying, without verbalizing it, is “I want to be the Christ.” With this recognition, I am also realizing that in my desire I have been putting pressure on myself to do more, be more, read more, pray more, meditate more in my effort to make myself into the Christ. In my effort, I “suffer.” I know that I am attached to an outcome which I imagine being a destination that I have yet to reach. Additionally, I have been thinking that it is the ‘I’ that must do the work.

When I apply her lesson and release attachment to an ‘I’ who thinks he is separate and let go of the desire for some future outcome, all I am left with is “Be the Christ.” It is a simple and clear directive, yet one that is not always easy to follow. It should not require a great deal of effort on our part. In truth, it only requires us to surrender. Surrender our attachment to the adverse-ego based desires and be in service to the indwelling Christ.

While I have yet to find the citation, I have heard others quote Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore saying, “Self-awareness is the prelude to Christ consciousness.” Being the Christ requires us to be self-aware. I suggest we awaken every morning repeating the mantra, “Be the Christ,” commit ourselves to remaining aware of when we are allowing our adverse-ego based desires to get in the way, and practice surrendering every thought, word or activity that does not embody the Christ.

When we surrender to and are in service to the indwelling Christ, we are also in service to the Christ in others and to the Christ as it is made manifest in all creation. In that way, we will demonstrate in consciousness and manifest in form a world that embodies the Christ. We will realize the second coming of Christ and institute a reign of peace and good will on the Earth.

In the book, I Am The Word, the “guides” through author and medium Paul Selig, say,

“Once you understand that on a higher level your frequency is one with the Creator, everything seems to change. Once you understand that the availability of this energy we call the Christ is available to you, available to all, everything changes. Once you understand that the Son-ship, your Son of God self, is who you truly are, everything changes. If you are already aware of this on a minor level, you can get an understanding the heavens are about to open to you. When you have an understanding that this is the time of this coming age of Christ-dom, everything changes. When you believe that you are one with the Christ, everything changes.”

This book is a discourse that encourages and empowers us to “Be the Christ.” Phyllis Hoover and I will be facilitating a study of the book as well as experiential practice of the principles. We will kick off with an experiential gathering on Wednesday, October 17, at 7:00. The book study will begin on Thursday, October 18, and will meet each Thursday evening 6:30 – 8:00 through December 13, except for Thanksgiving Day. Please email Phyllis if you are interested in participating.

I also invite and encourage those who are in the Denver area to join us on Sunday, October 7, as we welcome author, motivational speaker, and workshop facilitator, Tama Kieves. She will present the lesson during our 10:00 service and facilitate a workshop beginning at 12:30 based on most recent book, Living Through Uncertainty: Moving Beyond Fear of the Unknown and Making Change Work for You

For more information on Tama, please visit her website. For an introduction to her book, please watch the short video here.


  1. Thank you, David for this wonderful, thought-provoking piece. How often, and how many of us go around thinking," I'm gonna get there. I am doing the work , thinking the thoughts, speaking the words, hoping that someday...". I am with you in remembering that I already am, you already are, we ARE that which we are seeking. Everything simplifies in that moment of realization. Life falls into place. For me, it is about living in the "now" moment. In the very next moment there is every chance that I will no longer be here, now, but rather, have fallen into the past or future once again, spending my precious "now" somewhere that does not exist. It is habitual. Like any habit that I desire to change, I must increase my awareness. As I do, I find that I am pulled over and over and over back into alignment with the "now" and into the flow of my life as it is happening. There the Christ-Me is revealed! To quote a song we sing every year at this time with the children (I have changed the word "want" with "AM), "I hide when I put on a mask, and then I don't hear when you ask, to show you the real me. THIS is what I AM to be, this is Christ revealed, you see. THIS is what I AM to be!"

  2. I am intrigued by the message from the Buddhist teacher; It is certainly thought provoking. However, I think "I" and "want" are germane to our life as human beings, and personally, I lean towards embracing my life as a human being. I think that's why I came here, to have human life; It is my soul's desire. Another Buddhist principle that is relevant here is the teaching of the "middle road." It says the true path in life is neither renunciation nor indulgence, but being fully engaged with life based upon wisdom and compassion. I believe that awakening to the life of Christ in me makes living that middle road possible. This is not to refute anything that is said above; It's just another perspective on life.