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Thursday, August 9, 2018

When the Pray-er Becomes the Prayer

In 2007, I published a collection of “prayers” in a book entitled, In This Moment: Prayers from the Well of Awareness ¹. I place “prayers” in quotation marks because these are not prayers in the traditional sense. In the book, I refer to them as “statements of truth from the Presence of Truth that have arisen in mind as thought and incarnated as word.”

Further, I say that they are intended to “assist you in positioning your mind toward truth and in opening a portal of your mind in order that it may know itself as Presence Consciousness.”

If I were to edit the book and issue a revised and updated version, I would choose to use ‘God’ in place of ‘Presence.’ I wrote this at a time when I had an aversion to the word ‘God’ and assumed that potential readers would as well.

Additionally, while I resonate with the description, “positioning and opening the portal of your mind,” I would rephrase that. I would say that these are statements that arose in my mind and incarnated as word when I was in a conscious state of union in the Divine. Further, that these statements are intended to attune our thought frequencies to God Consciousness and align our energy fields so that we begin to more fully demonstrate and manifest all that is in harmony with the Truth of God that each of us is.

The following is an excerpt from the book jacket of the hard cover edition which is no longer in print. I have edited it slightly. In addition to a few selected word changes and additions, I have chosen to replace the word ‘Presence’ with the word ‘God.’


In This Moment: Prayers from the Well of Awareness brings within reach the treasured mystical insight that has echoed through the centuries: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God (already at hand, within) and all these things (hopes, dreams, desires) shall be added unto you.”

The usual progression of spiritual evolution is marked by four stages:

1. God and me
2. God through me
3. God as me
4. God: “I am”

In This Moment is your guide to entering the transcendent final stage of
God awareness.

I know that humankind’s conscious awareness–that awareness that comes together to create the shared experience of life on the Earth–is continuing to evolve. As human awareness evolves and embraces the essential Power within itself, we are inspired to release the bonds of the physical, soar to new heights, and create a new and expanded consciousness of God. We desire to know Truth, not just the truth of physical creation. We desire to know what is and has always been the Truth: Our Unity in God.

When the mind is filled with the resonance of God Consciousness, the emotional body begins to react, aligning with the Peace that is its Truth. The body and one’s physical experiences then begin to align as well. The energy field of the individual begins–sometimes slowly– to clear itself of heavier vibrations, and the perceived external reality begins to mirror the new awareness of Truth. Divine Ideals are reactivated in this cleared energy field, and one’s life begins to abundantly reflect experiences of a similar vibration.

Although our mental processes are, by their very nature, limited in their abilities to grasp and fully comprehend God Consciousness, they are the starting point for our journey within. Ultimately, we arrive at the understanding that we cannot change our life experience by focusing solely on the experience of it.

We cannot change our experience by seeking anything outside of ourselves. We can only change our experience by embodying the Truth that we are already the Wholeness of God expressing.

When we truly experience our true nature, the external will be its mirror.


This moment, I come home to I AM.
I release any concept of a “me” this is separate from the One.
My I-dentity is sourced beyond and before any concept of mind.
I AM lives and moves and has Its life in and through this life I call my own.
I AM the stars.
I AM the Earth.
I AM the sun.
I AM the Universe.
I AM the very life of God as It expresses as each particle of Creation.


When we approach prayer as a process in which we enter into a state of remembered union in God, prayer has the power to transform our lives.

Join us this Sunday, August 12, 2018, at Unity Spiritual Center Denver, as we delve more deeply into the meaning of the statement,

When we truly experience our true nature, the external will be its mirror.

My lesson will be “When the Pray-er becomes the Prayer.”

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