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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Desire - The Impulse of Creation

This week at Unity Spiritual Center Denver, I will begin a five-week series entitled “Conscious Co-creation.” In my Sunday lessons during our 10:00 service and our regular Discussions with David following service, I will explore the power that we possess to connect with our hearts’ desires and take specific steps to bring into manifestation that which embodies our desires.

Over the next five weeks, we will explore how we can strengthen and use our innate capacities, which Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore identified as our Twelve Powers, to co-create and live the lives we consciously choose.

I will begin this Sunday, April 15, by delving into our concepts about desire. What is desire? How can we know if what we desire is truly in alignment with our highest and best good? How do we connect with our desire? How can we know what we must do to bring it into fruition?

Those are powerful questions and what follows is my expansion on the ideas about ‘Desire’ from my book, In This Moment – Prayers from the Well of Awareness.

It has been said that all manifestation begins with a thought. I assert that manifestation begins prior to a thought; it begins with the awakening of desire within the individual. Even prior to desire is the impulse of the Divine as it moves, expands, and extends into manifest form. Desire is the response to this creative impulse.

Divine Impulse → Creative Awakening → Inherent Desire → Inspired Thought → Conscious Co-Creation

Desire is not want. ‘Want’ implies that something is lacking. It is also not the same as yearning. Desire does not reveal itself as any object in the manifest realm, such as a new car, house, relationship, or job that we may want or yearn for. The unfolding of our desires may eventually demonstrate as any of those, but the inherent desire is much deeper.

True desire is always born of the heart. It is revealed as our longing to experience the ineffable reflection of the Divine. For example, we may have the idea that we desire a relationship with a beloved, but the deeper longing is the desire to experience the reflection of Divine Love in the expressions, words, touch and presence of another. The true desire is to connect with love, feel it, and share it.

True desire is never self-centered, but is meant to embody love in service to all. We are called to connect with the seed of desire in our hearts as the longing of Spirit to express as us and to open to the revelation of how it might manifest in service to love.

When desire is honored, life is enriched - not just the life of the individual, but also the life of creation. To deny desire is to deprive the world of the magnificence of Divine Life expressing as you.

The fulfillment of desire rests in its complete acceptance and allowing of the one who receives the conscious awareness of it, and is willing to nurture its unfolding.

I offer the following as an affirmative prayer to use when contemplating your desire.

I accept that the desire of my heart is a divine idea seeking its expression in and through me.
I release any thought that stands in judgment of my desire.
I open to the realization of its manifestation in my life.
I get out of the way.
I release any need to control.
I am open to accept all that is in alignment with highest Good for all.
I know that my desire is already a reality.
I am thankful.
I rejoice in the unfolding.

Join us this Sunday at 10:00 as we begin the five-week journey of enriching our lives and expanding spiritual flow through “Conscious Co-creating”.

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